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New Workshops for 2020



Weekend Painting and Collage Workshops in April 2020 *POSTPONED*

New Weekend Workshops in April 2020 *POSTPONED*
To kick off a creative start to Spring 2020 I have a 2 day Painting and Collage Workshop. It would be so lovely to see you if you feel like joining me for 2 full days of immersive creativity!

“It’s all about the nature of beauty. It’s about creating space in which the host and guest can explore a spiritual sense of beauty”

Tea Master, Japan

a time of change

It was July 20th 2014 when I knew that something in my body wasn’t right. My hands and feet were painful. Walking barefoot hurt and I couldn’t pick up the kettle one handed, just little things, but they gave me a sense of foreboding. My good health slipped away very...

Interview with Becky Blair by Ant Gray at Make Your Own Rabbit Hole

what i paint after my body stops attacking itself, interview with Becky Blair by Ant Gray

photographs courtesy of Hugh Fox