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Gullotti Galleries

Claremont, WA, Australia

18-31 October 2018


Two Weekend Painting and Collage Workshops in February 2019

16-17 and 23-24 February 2019
To kick off a creative start to 2019 I have TWO 2 day weekend Painting and Collage Workshops happening in February. It would be so lovely to see you if you feel like joining me for 2 full days of immersive creativity!

2 Day Workshop at Stackwood Studios Fremantle

13-14 October 2018, 11am till 5pm
Join Becky Blair, for her very popular and exclusive two-day workshop, where she will share painting techniques on building layers to intensify colour and texture. Participants will create their own works, using acrylics and collage on canvas, with valuable feedback and guidance from Becky.

“It’s all about the nature of beauty. It’s about creating space in which the host and guest can explore a spiritual sense of beauty”

Tea Master, Japan

a time of change

It was July 20th 2014 when I knew that something in my body wasn’t right. My hands and feet were painful. Walking barefoot hurt and I couldn’t pick up the kettle one handed, just little things, but they gave me a sense of foreboding. My good health slipped away very...

Interview with Becky Blair by Ant Gray at Make Your Own Rabbit Hole

what i paint after my body stops attacking itself, interview with Becky Blair by Ant Gray

photographs courtesy of Hugh Fox www.hughfox.co.uk