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New Brighton exhibition celebrates artist’s journey to recovery


12 to 24 April 2016

Gallery 40, 40 Gloucester Road, Brighton



A new Brighton art exhibition will explore the journey of overcoming a chronic illness. enter- the Wolf (at Gallery 40 from 12 to 24 April) is the first body of work from Brighton artist Becky Blair since her diagnosis with the autoimmune disease, Lupus, in 2014.

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The 20 new pieces of work on display in enter- the Wolf are a reflection of Becky’s journey to better health. Triangles are a persistent theme in the work, often depicted surrounding a bird, which is symbolic of entrapment. The acrylic and watercolour compositions reflect Becky’s vulnerability and bravery during this period of chronic illness and recovery.


An internationally acclaimed artist, Becky has exhibited work across the globe, with shows in London, France, Holland and Australia. This is her first solo show in her hometown of Brighton since 2009.


Following Becky’s diagnosis two years ago, the excruciating autoimmune disorder saw her hospitalised and housebound for three months. The disease’s impact to her joints left her unable to paint, with the chronic pain rendering her unable to walk, eat and even sleep.


Becky Blair commented on her new exhibition: “I’ve never been an artist who believes in suffering for my art, my past work had focused on the light and joy of living. In hindsight I now see that life as ‘blessed’ in its rosy glow that knew no misfortune.


“These new paintings are about a very private and personal experience where suffering defined my every moment. It was beyond any imagined hell and I was utterly terrified.


“Though this work does not dwell in the suffering, it is imbued with a richer appreciation of happiness through a deeper understanding of pain and loss. As I have regained my strength, I can now reflect on those events. This work pursues the joy and gratitude to be alive and well. Humbled by the insight of my experience, I feel so fortunate to be in better health. I now know how precious and fragile the balance of our lives actually is.


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