Sophie Robinson and I have teamed up to run a days workshop to explore the wonders of colour. We both have 20 years of experience of working with colour in Fine Art and Interior Design.  On this workshop you will get to explore and experiment with colour in a new and unique way. As an artist I have been working with colour all my life and have an intuitive and yet informed approach to how colours work together. Sophie, a self proclaimed colour lover, adores the fun and creativity you can have by harmonising or clashing different colours together. Throughout the day, we’ll be looking at the colours you are naturally drawn towards and producing your own unique colour palette. We’ll then cover some theory on how to develop these colour schemes and work together on how this palette can enhance all elements of your life, your wardrobe and your home. The workshop runs from 10am – 4pm. Groups are limited to 10 guests. Taking bookings for the 16th April in Brighton and 7th May in London on our S&D Masterclass Eventbrite page. please follow the link below for more information and to book a space.

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